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* Berceuse. Trio. Harp, Violin, Organ.
* Berceuse. Trio. Harp, Violin, Organ.
** [[Media:PintoBerceuse.pdf|Download]]
** [[Media:PintoBerceuse.pdf|Download]]
* Paraphrase: Adam's Celebre Cantique de Noël
** [[Media:AdamsCantiqueNoel.pdf|Download]]

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Oberthür, Charles (1819-1895)

  • Les gouttes d'eau : caprice-etude, op. 126
  • The Blind Girl
  • Gebet
  • Dümmerlicht : eine Abend Meditation, op. 241
  • Gems of German Song No. 6, 'A Ride I Once was Taking." (Trab, Trab... F. Kucken)
  • "Bonnie Scotland," Fantaisie Brillante, op. 115
  • Berceuse pour Harpe ou piano et violon, op. 299
  • Andalusia, Bolero Brillant, pour la Harpe, op. 139
  • Drei Wünsche, op. 236


Panormo, Francis (1764-1844)

Parish-Alvars, Elias (1808-1849)

Peter, C. S.

  • The Madrid March & Quick Step (1820)

Peters, William Cumming (1805-1866)

Petrini, François

Piccini, Niccolò (1726-1800)

  • Alessandro nelle Indie, Se il ciel mi divide (Feuille de Terpsichore, No. 43), accompt. par M. Blattman (1789)

Pierné, Gabriel (1863-1937)

  • Impromptu Caprice pour la Harpe, op. 9

Pinto, A. F.

  • Nearer my God to Thee. Fantasia Religiosa. Harp Solo. Organ or Orchestra Accompaniment (ad libitum.)
  • Fantasia Religiosa, Ambrosio "One Sweetly Solem Thought" for Harp Solo. String Quartet, or Organ, or Orchestra Accomp. (ad lib)
  • Berceuse. Trio. Harp, Violin, Organ.
  • Paraphrase: Adam's Celebre Cantique de Noël


Posse, Wilhelm




Reeve, William (1757-1815)

  • The Favorite Overture to the Round Tower (1797)

Reinecke, Carl

  • Concert für die Harfe mit Begleitung des Orchesters, op. 182

Ries, François

  • Trois grandes marches en duo
  • Danse Polonaise arrangeé en Rondeau

Roberts, Richard

  • Cambrian Harmony, Being a Collection of Welch Airs Never Before Published Arranged as they were originally performed by the Ancient Britons

Rogers, Van Veachton

  • A Jolly Tar (for the Clarks Irish Harp)

Ross, John (1763-1837)

  • The Favorite Scotch Air Auld Langsyne (Philadelphia, 1820)
  • The Favorite Scotch Air Auld Langsyne (New York, 1830)
  • Auld Lang Syne with Variations (Boston, 1834)
  • Auld Lang Syne with Variations (Baltimore, 1850)

Rousseau, Marcel Samuel

  • Variations Pastorales sur un Vieux Noël pour Harpe


Seybold, Philip

  • Seybold's much admired Chasse for the harp or piano forte (1795)

Shield, William (1748-1829)

  • The much admired Song of Arabella (1800)


Soulage, Marcelle

  • Pièce pour deux harpes à pédales

Spohr, Louis (1783-1859)

  • Fantaisie sur des thêmes de Händel et Abbé Vogler : pour piano ou harpe et violon, op. 118 (1850)
  • Sonate concertante (1844)


  • Air Varié : Enfant cheri des Dames, op. 32

Steil, Henry W.

  • Divertimenti di Salone : a series of admired Italian Airs arranged as duetts, no. 2
  • M'aimeras tu?
  • Rossini's Celebrated Terzetto, "Zitti, Zitti, Piano, Piano" from Il Barbiere di Siviglia arranged as a duett for the harp and piano forte