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[[François-Joseph Dizi]]
[[François-Joseph Dizi]]
[[Parish Alvars]]
[[Elias Parish Alvars]]
==Online Facsimiles of Manuscripts and Rare Editions==
==Online Facsimiles of Manuscripts and Rare Editions==

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This site is devoted to the documentation and promotion of harp music from the 18th and 19th centuries. We welcome biographies of harpist-composers and lists of their works. In time we will provide links to scanned images of this repertory.

Biographies of Harpist-Composers

Nicolas-Charles Bochsa

François-Joseph Dizi

Elias Parish Alvars

Online Facsimiles of Manuscripts and Rare Editions

  • Here we will post PDF files of manuscripts and rare editions

Guidelines for Preparing Modern Editions

  • Together we can develop guidelines that will help students and potential editors

Links to Helpful Documents & Websites

American Harp Society 2009 Summer Institute

International Harp Archives at Brigham Young University

An Online Guide to Music and Dance Reference

Guidelines for Contributions

To learn more about contributing to this site contact David Day at david_day@byu.edu.