François-Joseph Dizi

From Harp Music from the 18th and 19th Centuries
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François-Jospeh Dizi

List of Works:

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Joseph Wölfl.Pas de deux: from the ballet Alzire : for flute and harp. New York, N.Y.: Lyra Music Co, 1983.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Alice Lawson Aber.Tazah b'Tazah: an Indian air with variations. San Anselmo, CA: A. Lawson], 1970.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Marielle Nordmann.Grande sonate: pour harpe. Paris: Durand, 1995.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Alphonse Hasselmans.48 études pour la harpe. Paris: H. Lemoine, 1959.

Dizi, François-Joseph.Grande Sonate per arpa. Bologna: Ut Orpheus, 2008.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and L. M. Tedeschi.48 [i.e. Quarantotto] studii per arpa. [Milano]: Ricordi, 1922.

Winter, Peter von, Elizabeth Billington, Giuseppe Viganoni, François-Joseph Dizi, and Michael Kelly.Ame piu non resta speranza di calma: the duet sung by Mrs. Billington and Signor Viganoni, in the opera of Calypso. [London]: Published by M. Kelly, 1803.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Alice Lawson.Tazah b'Tazah: an Indian air with variations. San Anselmo, Calif: A. Lawson, 1970.

Dizi, François-Joseph.Thema with variations for the harp. London: Printed & sold by F.T. Latour, 1828.

Dizi, François Joseph, and Alphonse Hasselmans.48 études pour la harpe. Paris: H. Lemoine, 1938.

Dizi, François-Joseph.Ecole de harpe: being a compleat treatise on the harp : including a systematic mode of fingering. London: Chappell, 1827.

Nielson, Edwin John, Robert Nicolas Charles Bochsa, and François-Joseph Dizi.Etudes, harp. London: Z.T. Purday, etc, 1830s.

Bochsa, Robert Nicolas Charles, François-Joseph Dizi, Gustavus V. Holst, and Sophia Dussek.[Harp music purchased from Otto Haas, London]. 1800s.

Dizi, François-Joseph, and Marcia X. Johnstone.Sonata-pastorale: in F-major for harp. South Pasadena, Calif: Marcia X. Johnstone, 1955.

Dizi, François-Joseph.Six French romances. Book 1. London: Printed & sold by Chappell & Co, 1800s.

Wölfl, Joseph.Woelfl's grand duett for the harp and piano forte as performed at Mr. Salomon's and other concerts by the author and Mr. Dizi, op. 37. London: Woelfl, 1810.

Perucchini, Giovanni Battista, and François-Joseph Dizi.La notte xe bella, the favorite barcarola veneziana. No.2. London: Printed & sold by F.T. Latour, 1800s.

Dizi, François-Joseph.L'Irlandaise: introduction and Irish air. London: Printed by the Royal Harmonic Institution, 1822.