Charles Oberthür

From Harp Music from the 18th and 19th Centuries
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A manuscript biographical article

A Complete Catalogue of the Musical Compositions by Charles Oberthür, First Professor of Harp in the London Academy of Music.

Catalogue raisonné

Harp Methods and Studies

Op. 57 - Trois Etudes caractéristiques

  1. La Cascade
  2. La Coquette
  3. La Consolation

Op. 92a - Eugenia Etude caractéristique.

Op. 101 - Etude de Concert par Goria, transcrite

Op. 102 - Trois Etudes de Charles Mayer and Henselt

  1. Grâce, de Charles Mayer
  2. La Fontaine
  3. Si oiseau j'étais, A. Henselt

Op. 133 - 24 Préludes, or modulations from one key to another, 2 books.