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Chipp, Thomas Paul (1793-1870)
Chipp, Thomas Paul (1793-1870)
* [[Media:Chipp-The_Last_Rose_of_Summer.pdf|The Last Rose of Summer (1821)]]
* [[Media:ChippTheLastRoseofSummer.pdf|The Last Rose of Summer (1821)]]
Colizzi, Johannes
Colizzi, Johannes

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Anonymous or Various

Anonymous or Various



Abrams, Harriet (1760-1825)



Baur, M.

Bédard, Jean-Baptiste (1765-ca. 1815)

Biggs, Edward Smith (d. ca. 1820)

  • Six Welch Airs adapted to English Words (ca. 1800)

Blagrove, Richard M.

Blangini, Félix (1781-1841)

Bochsa, Robert Nicolas Charles (1789-1856)

Bochsa, N. Charles and Kreutzer, Rodolphe

Boieldieu, François Adrien (1775-1834)

Bossi, C.

Bruguier, D.

Budd, Thomas

  • A Collection of Divertimentos for the Harp, consisting of Rondeaus, Minuets, Gavots, Airs with Variations, Preludes, &c. (Op. 2)

Burckhoffer, J. G.

Burrowes, J. F.

Bury and Pollet, Benoit


Cardon, Jean Baptiste (ca. 1760-1803)

Chipp, Thomas Paul (1793-1870)

Colizzi, Johannes



  • Premier Recueil Contenant Les Ariettes des Trois Fremiers

Cramer, Johann Baptist (1771-1858)


Dale, J.

Dalvimare, Martin Pierre (1772-1839)

Desargus, Xavier (ca. 1768-1832)

Dizi, François-Joseph (1780-1840)

Dussek, Sophia (1775-ca. 1830)