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George Frideric Handel

Burrows, Donald, and Martha J. Ronish. A Catalogue of Handel's Musical Autographs.

Burrows, Donald, and Martha J. Ronish. A Catalogue of Handel's Musical Autographs. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994. Mus Ref ML 134 .H16 B9 1994

Use: Provides a systematic description of the paper characteristics of Handel’s musical autographs. This information helps in dating the autographs and secondary manuscript copies more accurately.

Coverage: Covers the major autograph collections, some private collections and miscellaneous autographs of Handel’s works. Mostly taken from microfiche. The major collections are in England.

Organization: Arranged bibliographically by library locations and shelf marks. Two sections include first, works of Major collections, and second, miscellaneous autographs. Collation diagrams, rastra, detailed descriptions of each autograph, and references to standard printed sources are included in each entry. The appendix describes Handel’s pencil sketches. There is a select bibliography, and indexes are for musical works, formats, rastra, and watermarks. Watermark illustrations for English and Italian works are at the end.

Pros: Includes a section of several watermark illustrations.

Cons: Only a few of the autographs have not been dealt with in detail by both authors.

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