Annotated Bibliographies by Topic (ML 120-128 and VARIOUS)

Percussion Music

Cook, Gary. Teaching Percussion, 2d ed.

Percussive Arts Society.

Cook, Gary. Teaching Percussion, 2d ed. New York: Shirmer Books, 1997. MT 655 .C67 1988 (call number refers to the 1st ed.)

Use: Teaching Percussion is a comprehensive textbook designed primarily to be used as a complete text for the training of the future music educator in the college percussion methods/technique class. A "must have" for all serious percussionists.

Coverage: All aspects of percussion education, performance, and pedagogy are presented in thorough detail while integrating current scientific psychophysical principles of learning.

Organization: 11 chapters. Each chapter includes exercises, musical examples, a listing of method books related to the chapter topic, supplemental studies, solo list (graded), suggested readings, and a bibliography. Appendix A deals with Orchestral Excerpts for Percussion as well as a Discography of Percussion Music. Appendix B, Select Percussion Solo and Ensemble Music, includes a graded list, publisher information, and instrumentation. Appendix C includes a listing of Percussion Specialty Shops, Manufactures, and Distributors. The book concludes with a listing of Publishers and Sources, a Glossary of Foreign Terms, and an extensive Bibliography.

Pros: Used in more than 41% of undergraduate college percussion methods courses. Contains numerous photographs, specific descriptions, and bibliographies for each chapter.


Percussive Arts Society. Accessed 17 Dec. 1999.

Use: In addition to the information provided by the Percussive Arts Society, this site also provides a link to the worlds' largest online source of percussion information, the World Percussion Network.

Coverage: The worlds largest online site of percussion news, instruments, artists, and other percussion related information.

Organization: The search engine will prompt one to the necessary information.

Cons: The WPN can only be accessed by a member account number available through the PAS.