The International Harp Archives began as a significant collection of harp music and archival materials donated by Samuel and Rosalie Pratt. The collection grew and the International Harp Archives were formally established at Brigham Young University in 1994. This collection includes the archives of the World Harp Congress, the American Harp Society and personal collections from many individual harpists. The archive consists of items ranging from scores, manuscripts and recordings to photographs, correspondence, programs and other documents.

The International Harp Archives now pursues five major objectives:
1) to build a near-comprehensive library of scores and recordings that feature the harp,
2) to preserve documents related to the careers of important harpists and harp makers,
3) to maintain archives of organizations that promote the harp and its music,
4) to promote and make accessible new music composed for the harp, and
5) to make all of these materials accessible to interested performers and researchers throughout the world.

Thanks to the persistent efforts and contributions of many individuals and organizations, the Archives are now perhaps the largest collection of harp materials in the world. The International Harp Archives serve as a support center for research dealing with aspects of the harp, its music and harpists.














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