List of Major Contributors

Dale Barco
Stella Castellucci (Alfred Kastner)
Stanley Chaloupka
Alice Chalifoux (Camden Harp Colony)
Mildred Dilling
Elizabeth Elgin
Helen Ellis
Bertile Fournier (Lily Laskine)
Catherine Gotthoffer (Marcel Grandjany)
Susann McDonald
Sylvia Meyer
Jack Nebergall
Samuel and Rosalie Pratt
Dorothy Remsen
Roslyn Rensch-Erbes
Anne Ricquebourg (Pierre Jamet)
Victor Salvi Foundation
Ellis Schumann (Alberto Salvi)
Deanne Sherman
The Simmons Family Foundation
Ann Stockton
Françoise des Varennes (Henriette Renié)
Graciela T. Zabaleta (Nicanor Zabaleta)
Stefica Zuzek (Phia Berghout)
Dewey Owens (Carlos Salzedo)

Due to the number of donors to the International Harp Arcives, not all names can be listed on this page, but each donation is significant and valued. Thank you.


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